Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another Ask The Readers: Where Do You Go to Ask Questions?

Another quick polling of the electorate:

Where do you go when you have a specific question to ask of a general topic, be it computer/tech related or otherwise?

I haven't been an active member of a forum in a long time, and the ones that I am a member of are of specific applications and genres (like I'm a member of the Autohotkey forums, which I use when I need scripting help).

But what if I had a more general question about my computer, like "who can recommend good tools to put in my system tray?" Or a question about a certain registry entry.

My immediate urge is to google the topic, but it's hard to explain my entire question sometimes in that search field and have it return proper responses.

I also use Yahoo! Answers for more general questions, like about my car insurance, or watering plants. However oftentimes I ask a question on there that are just too obscure for casual Yahoo! users to know (many members are just there to ask questions for homework). I like Metafilter a lot, but I'm not willing to pay money to ask questions just yet.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

check out the great forums at DonationCoder