Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Search Sound Effects Online with FindSounds

As an animator, I'm always looking out for good sources of sound effects online. If I'm smart enough, I try to remember to save the files I like, and one of these days I hope to be able to create some sort of searcheable database of the files I've got now. You'd be surprised how many different whooshes you can own.

One of my preferred ways of searching for tried-and-true sound files online have been to search for the filename with .wav or .mp3 added afterwards (i.e. "doorclose.wav" "catmeow.mp3"), but even that only really works for straightforward sounds.

Luckily, FindSounds works a search engine searching for wav, mp3, au, and aiff files. I tried it out, and so far worked pretty well. You can even specify bit rate, resolution, frequency, and channel.

(From Lifehacker)

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