Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tiny USB Office - All Your Office Needs in Less Than 2.5 Megs!

TIny USB Office: They really don't make apps like this anymore. An entire collection of office and productivity apps, including a text editor, spreadsheet editor, FTP client, file compressor, email client, and more, all for less than 2.5 megabytes! Even better, none of them require an install, so just put them in your trusty Thumb Drive and execute when you need them!

I just put it in my 2 gig drive and worked like a charm. There's a built in launcher for the programs called QSel but I actually found it more annoying to use, so I didn't bother running it. Meanwhile, when it comes to apps you don't need, you can just go and delete that app's folder. I did so with the MSN Messenger client.

Many of these apps are so good and streamlined I'm tempted to just use them instead of the ones I've already got installed... maybe.

(From LifeHacker)

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