Tuesday, April 1, 2008

See Craigslist Photos from The Listing Directory!

I saw the Craigslist Image Preview Ext Firefox extension blogged about in my usual stomping grounds the past few weeks and thought to myself "cute idea, but do I really need to have it installed, taking up memory?" I decided to move on.

That is until I was suddenly in the market for a new desk, and suddenly this extension saved my life. As you can see in the screenshot below, CIPE (as I'll call it) adds thumbnail views to ad listings that have images attached. Not only that, if you hover your mouse over the image, you get the full size view on the top right of the screen!

I'm still looking for the right desk, but this has certainly saved me time already. Whether or not I'll keep it enabled while I'm not actively bargain hunting, we'll see (probably not), but I'll certainly keep it installed.

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