Thursday, April 24, 2008

Magic Pen Review: Full Featured Crayon Physics Game in Flash!!!

I don't normally review or feature games on this blog (my philosophy is, I feature hacks, tweaks, and tricks to boost your productivity on the computer so you have more time and resources to play your games when you've got the free time. What games you play are up to you), but back when I discovered Crayon Physics, I could hardly contain my excitement.

Two months later, seems the original Crayon Physics still hasn't been fully released, but not to worry, as Newgrounds user AleGui has released Magic Pen, which seems to do all the stuff Crayon Physics Deluxe has promised to do, but it's not only available right now, it's all in Flash! No downloading a separate program at all!

If you remember how to play Crayon Physics, Magic Pen will feel very familiar, but there are new features there that will turn your brain knobs anew. I wish there was more of a tutorial on how to use links and hinges, but I guess that's part of the fun!

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